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SLL – Raising funds for Specialist Gym Equipment

I am a very happy lady at the moment. Not that I’m usually a miserable one but at this particular moment I am elevated to another level. The reason for this is that I love it when a plan comes

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Meal replacements- should you or shouldn’t you?

According to statistics, this is the week when we give up on our New Year’s resolutions, the nicotine patches are making their way to the back of the drawer, the exercise sessions have reduced from 20 sessions in one week

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I Want Your Body/Money!

It seems that every week a friend or colleague will be running a full or half marathon, a 10k or 5k race, dressed in a tutu or rhino costume (optional!) Some cynical people would even go so far as to say that

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Mwaaa-haaaa-haaaa! It’s nearly Halloween…. People pay £1,000’s to have the living daylights scared out of them; horror films and books, roller coasters and ghost trains, you name it, we love it! But why? And when does thrill seeking turn into

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Tattoos can be good for your health!

I was in a queue in the local supermarket today, surreptitiously people watching, as you do. In front of me was an elderly lady who had a butterfly tattooed on her shoulder and a sun on her wrist, in front of

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How to avoid Dental Torture!

This week I have been to the dentist. I’m not a fan, I can think of other places I’d much rather be but I know it’s really important to go for a regular check up.

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This week we at SLL have been making some of the staff very happy with a Breakfast Club tasting session. The idea was to show people how to cook or prepare a meal that was quick, nutritious and easy to

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This week I have been asked to write about feet…lovely! My worst job would be working with feet; a shoe shop, a podiatrist, chiropodist in fact anything that would give me contact with peoples smelly feet! Let’s face it, they’re

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Swimming- why it’s good for you and things you should know….

Most of us will remember going to swimming lessons when we were at school; some kids loved them, some hated them with a passion. For me, Monday afternoons couldn’t come quick enough.   Queuing up to get on the bus with your

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The Key to Lifestyle changes

My colleague Chris has a bad habit, I didn’t know about this bad habit because he does this in the privacy of his own home, he only confessed it to me the other day. All I know is that he

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