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See Less of Our Mayor

Sherma is typical of many people who really want to make a difference to their weight, fitness level and health but don’t really have the guidance and motivation to succeed.

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Body compsition; What are you made of?

Contrary to previous research in Fairy Story Land, it turns out it’s not Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails or Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice, but muscle, fat, bone and water. But what percentage of each of

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Vitamin supplements, do we need them?

This week I have been asked to talk about vitamins, are they a waste of money? Should we bother taking them? What vitamins should we take? Phew! No pressure here then….!

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Looking after your back

If you have ever had a ‘bad back’ you will know how awful it is. No matter what you do you cannot get away from the pain; sitting, standing, laying down, hanging from the ceiling, standing on your head, it

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Mental Health – It’s all in the name

Next Friday is Mental Health Day. Is there still a stigma surrounding mental health? What is mental health? How can exercise help with mental health issues?  Read on…..

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