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Healthy Hearing

I am very sorry if you spoke to me on Monday and I ignored you. I really didn’t have a problem with you, I didn’t suddenly decide to stop speaking to you and deliberately walk passed you. If you rang

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National Diabetes Day was on November 14th but it is in actual fact lasting until 2016! The blog this week will hopefully explain the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 and how to lower your risk of developing this health

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Are we healthier than our Gran’s and Mum’s?

Today is National Housewife Day and National Sandwich Day; there is literally a National Day for everything! Anyway, it got me thinking about Housewives. Years ago, stay at home parents were traditionally women, I decided to do some research into

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Movember – Prostate, Testicular Cancer and Mens Mental Health Awareness

At this time of year, you may not recognise the man in your life. The man who you knew and loved in October is starting to be taken over by a man who vaguely resembles that person. My Husband has

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