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Let them eat carbs!

Let them eat carbs! As long as I can remember we’ve been told not to eat certain food groups; can’t eat carbs, only eat protein, mustn’t eat fat, don’t eat sugar. Well, I am here to say you CAN eat

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How to boost your immune system

Do you feel like you seem to be catching every bug or virus going at the moment? Do you dread someone walking near you with a runny nose or cough because you just know that you’re going to catch it?

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I bet my lunch tomorrow that you have had some sort of injury in the past or you have one right now. If you play sport, go to the gym or take part in studio sessions I’m sure that you

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Dementia Awareness

Did you know that one in fourteen people over 65 have dementia? It is predicted that dementia will affect 135 million people by 2050 but It’s not a given that as we age we will develop dementia. 

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