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Can you spot reduce body fat?

If I could invent something to make me a millionaire, no, actually a squillionaire it would be a way to spot reduce body fat. I’m serious, this is the way forward, this will buy me the penthouse in London, the

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Music – good for our health

How boring would life be without music? How poor would Simon Cowell be? How else could our teenage selves annoy our parents? How quiet would every bar in the High Street be (actually that’d be nice now I’m old and

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We need a Holiday!!

I looked in the mirror the other day and I actually look like my passport photo. Last years’ tan has faded, I’m not white, I’m grey!!! I need some sunshine in my life; in the immortal words of Madonna “I need a

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Pregnancy- how to survive it!

Everywhere I look at the moment there are pregnant women, Everyone I speak to knows someone who has had a baby recently. Last August must have been a boring month for TV, nine months later and there’s a baby boom,

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The perfect body

The perfect body- what is it? Well, what a loaded question that is! This week the Beach Body Ready poster campaign has caused many mixed emotions and opinions. I feel a rant coming on….

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