No excuses, your body needs you!


I imagine that you will have all seen the recent headlines: nearly half of adults aged between 40 to 60 fail to do ONE brisk 10 minute walk, not daily, not even weekly but incredibly in a whole month!!!! Read more ›

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Health Behaviours

What would you choose; a chocolate bar or a glass of water, the sofa or a long walk? Read more ›

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Should you exercise on holiday?

Are you the sort of person who a) goes on holiday and once you’re there plops your body down onto a sunbed and there you remain for the duration b) you go on adventure holidays and climb mountains, run triathlon’s and come back shattered or c) you panic that all the hard work you’ve done all year is going to be ruined because you’re on holiday for two weeks? Read more ›

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Are Avocado’s really bad for us???

Love it or loathe it, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all part of our everyday lives. It exists so that people can show you photo’s of their cats, holidays, dinners (why??) and what a great life they are living while the rest of us are working and living really boring lives! It is also a platform for people to post their personal beliefs and to give us information that we can sometimes do without, diet tips are one of them; Top 10 foods to avoid eating, Top 10 foods to burn fat, Top 10 stupid diets to lose weight, you’ve all seen them! Read more ›

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Hey, How You Doing?

You may be fed up with your New Year’s resolution around about now and feeling highly tempted to start smoking, put your trainers in storage until next January or smash the glass to your emergency chocolate bar, this is why I don’t believe in New Years resolutions….. Read more ›

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2017…the year of the successful New Years Resolutions!

Happy New Year to you all!

The festivities have flown passed and life is now returning back to normal. We have all felt disorientated for the past few days, not knowing if it’s Tuesday or Friday and absolutely no chance of guessing the date because we were out of our regular routine. We don’t like change and it doesn’t take long for us to fall back into our old habits, good and bad. Read more ›

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‘Real’ men don’t suffer from depression, do they…?

76% of UK suicide cases are men; obviously, ‘real’ men don’t suffer from depression, do they…?

When we have a baby there is a lot of advice and thousands of books available showing us how to get their wind up (or down) ,h elp them sleep through the night and cut their perfect little gnashers pain free. But, as soon as they grow up into little people the advice dries up and we’re left with our own experiences learned from our parents to guide us into moulding them into adults. Read more ›

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SLL – Raising funds for Specialist Gym Equipment

SLL fund facebookI am a very happy lady at the moment. Not that I’m usually a miserable one but at this particular moment I am elevated to another level. The reason for this is that I love it when a plan comes together, when something that starts off as a good idea actually becomes reality. People have worked hard and joined with me to make things happen, people are sharing my excitement and it’s a great feeling.

Now what is she banging on about I hear you cry, well I shall tell you! Read more ›

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Is there such thing as Heavy Bones?

Can we really blame our big bones for being overweight? Read more ›

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How do we get fitter?

Were you sitting on your sofa the other Sunday chomping on your breakfast in your onesie watching 39,000 people bravely run/ walk / crawl around the streets of London? Did you put your food down for a couple of seconds and did you just for a split second actually think ‘ I want to do that, I want to be part of the London Marathon’ But then quickly came to your senses and stuffed the rest of your toast in your mouth safe in the knowledge that ’people like you’ don’t run marathons; you’re not built for that, they were all born with an athletic ability, you were born to watch them and eat… Read more ›

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