Is there such thing as Heavy Bones?

Can we really blame our big bones for being overweight? Read more ›

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How do we get fitter?

Were you sitting on your sofa the other Sunday chomping on your breakfast in your onesie watching 39,000 people bravely run/ walk / crawl around the streets of London? Did you put your food down for a couple of seconds and did you just for a split second actually think ‘ I want to do that, I want to be part of the London Marathon’ But then quickly came to your senses and stuffed the rest of your toast in your mouth safe in the knowledge that ’people like you’ don’t run marathons; you’re not built for that, they were all born with an athletic ability, you were born to watch them and eat… Read more ›

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Active Seniors!

I recently attended a fantastic ‘Older Persons Keeping Safe’ event at the Stevenage Arts and leisure Centre organised by the Herts Fires Service and the Stevenage Borough Council. 200 older people and over 30 stands representing a variety of services in the community attended and there was loads of advice and information throughout the day. My colleague Chris and I gave a presentation on the importance of being active as we get older and we are pleased to say that everyone joined in with our chair based exercise session! Read more ›

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Portion Sizes

I recently went out for dinner to a lovely local pub restaurant and chose a fish dish from the menu. When it arrived the waiter staggered over with the plate which barely managed to accommodate the meal. Read more ›

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Beer v fitness!!

The Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre is a busy place, there’s always something going on here; lots of physical activity and sports as you would expect, weddings, comedians, singers, the theatre, restaurant and most recently, the Healthy Hub.

The other week as I wrote this, I was looking out of my office door at a queue of predominantly men…. Read more ›

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Meal replacements- should you or shouldn’t you?

According to statistics, this is the week when we give up on our New Year’s resolutions, the nicotine patches are making their way to the back of the drawer, the exercise sessions have reduced from 20 sessions in one week to well, none and the nutribullet has made it into the cupboard where the juicers and other prospective life changing gadgets go to die. Read more ›

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Christmas can be good for you!!

It’s Chriiiiiiistmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssss!!!!!!!

I put on some Christmas music in my HIIT and LBT classes last night and I had a room division; there was a festive cheer from some and a distinct groan from others. Read more ›

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I Want Your Body/Money!

It seems that every week a friend or colleague will be running a full or half marathon, a 10k or 5k race, dressed in a tutu or rhino costume (optional!) Some cynical people would even go so far as to say that they are footing the bill for their exotic holiday if they are asking to be sponsored to go somewhere hot such as trekking in the African mountains or walking the Great Wall of China. I do understand why people get  fed up with being asked to sponsor someone but on the flip side, are those of us who have these thoughts possibly just a wee bit envious of the guts and determination of the sponsored person to help people who need it? Are they secretly in awe of their get up and go because theirs has got up and gone?!! Read more ›

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Mwaaa-haaaa-haaaa! It’s nearly Halloween…. People pay £1,000’s to have the living daylights scared out of them; horror films and books, roller coasters and ghost trains, you name it, we love it! But why? And when does thrill seeking turn into a more serious debilitating phobia?
Read more ›

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Tattoos can be good for your health!

I was in a queue in the local supermarket today, surreptitiously people watching, as you do. In front of me was an elderly lady who had a butterfly tattooed on her shoulder and a sun on her wrist, in front of her was a women in her twenties with the names of her two children and their date of birth on the back of her neck (not a good place if she ever suffers from amnesia) and something in Latin which I’d have to google but I’m sure it translates into something profound. Read more ›

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