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We provide lifestyle support for you and your family including mental health, physical activity, weight management, breastfeeding, parenting skills, coping with cancer, Carers and smoking cessation. We will provide free health presentations on related health and wellbeing subjects including Diabetes, Back Care, Sexual Health, MacMillan, Family and Children matters.


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You may think that you are unable to exercise, don’t have the time, too old, too unfit or you wont enjoy it and because of this you are reluctant about even starting. The good news is that exercise is for
everyone and we are on hand with specialist instructors to guide you and help you through starting an exercise regime and healthy nutrition advice that is right for you.

If you have a health issue you maybe able to get a referral from your doctor or a health professional you are seeing. You will be invited to the healthy hub for a consultation and a free Boditrax health test to discuss how we can help you and how you can get the best from our facilities. If you think you could use this level of support, speak to your g.p or self refer here.



mind Mind in Mid Herts are an innovative and experienced provider of mental health services in Stevenage. We provide a positive and holistic approach to promoting mental wellbeing, our services are open to everyone aged 16 and over who are experiencing mental and/or emotional distress. Mind in Mid Herts offers a wide range of opportunities, ensuring that local people can access social support, services to aid their recovery and skills to maintain their wellbeing. For example we offer:

  • Counselling and Psychological Therapies
  • Resilience and Life Skills Courses (including stress and anger management, building assertiveness and confidence and coping with loss and change )
  • Specialist support groups
  • Exercise and Wellbeing activities
  • Vocational advice and learning
  • Peer and user led support
  • Developing Social networks through art, music and creative writing

We will be based in the Healthy Hub to ensure that support with mental and emotional distress is easily available. We will be able to discuss your difficulties with you and signpost and support access to local services in Mind and within your local community.


Young People in Mind Young Peoples Leaflet


Help to Stop Smoking
Hertfordshire Stop Smoking Service offers free, confidential and non-judgemental professional advice and support to smokers and e-cigarette users are welcome as well.. This increases your chance of stopping smoking by up to four times.
They provide weekly one-to-one support across the county for up to 12 weeks or telephone support if required (or group support at workplaces).

Your stop smoking advisor will:
·         Understand addiction and what it is like to be a smoker
·         Listen to what you have to say and work with you to create a plan
·         Know what works and use motivational techniques to you through the challenging times to become a successful non-smoker
·         Advise on withdrawal symptoms and how to combat cravings
·         Advise on nicotine replacement therapy and other products such as Champix and offer support with e-cigarettes
·         Use regular carbon monoxide breath tests to demonstrate your progress

Service is provided at the Hub, please see details below:
Pre booked appointments on Mondays 13:00-17:00 to start from 15th Aug 2016
How to book appointment:  Contact Hertfordshire Stop Smoking Service on 0800 389 3 998 (free from landline) or 01442 453 071 or text SMOKEFREE to 80818 or send an email

Once you are referred, the service will contact you in 48 hours to start your Smokefree journey.
For further information visit www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/stopsmoking .



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